Discrete solutions with results that pack a punch

Everyone wants to enjoy having a beautiful smile and for many individuals this means that they need to straighten their teeth. Whether it is a cosmetic fix or something a little more complex, dentists are able to quickly and effectively straighten their patient’s teeth using Invisalign in Bromley, a removable, clear and discrete device designed for mild to moderate dental misalignments.

A lot of people believe that braces are for teenagers and should they have missed out on this experience in their youth, there is nothing to be done about their smile. This, however, is completely wrong. There are now more adults than ever seeking treatments designed to straighten teeth and although it is preferable to have these conditions treated as a young adult, adults are coming away with great results thanks to the many solutions available today.

Adults often require more discrete and convenient solutions that take less time in the dental practice to achieve outstanding results. Researchers and dentists have worked hard on developing solutions that suit these needs whilst safely offering a way to get their patients results.

A clear aligner is hardly visible when worn, meaning that those who are concerned about their professional image need not worry whilst going through their teeth straightening journey. In addition, using a clear aligner takes no more time than a standard device, meaning that the treatment is no more daunting than any teeth straightening option would normally be.

How do these clear aligners work?

After determining whether a patient is viable for this treatment program, a scan is made of the teeth to see the precise movement necessary to quickly and effectively straighten an individual’s teeth and realign their bite.

Clear, plastic aligners are digitally built to be worn for a couple of weeks at a time and after several months, teeth would have gradually been pushed into their correct position. It is important at the end of the treatment to wear a retainer to hold teeth in place and allow the ligaments to relax so that they do not shift back into their original position, which happens frequently, especially in cases where the teeth have been left in their misaligned state for a long time.

There are many pros and cons of using this treatment as an adult. One of the biggest advantages this particular treatment can offer is the convenience that a removable device brings. Although it is important to visit a dentist frequently throughout the entire process, it is not critical, unlike with traditional braces where a dentist is needed to tighten wires to encourage progress. Working professionals lead busy lives and having to take time out of their schedule every few weeks to attend a dental appointment can frankly be impossible.

Relying on an individual’s motivation and common sense, this treatment means that a time that is convenient to both patient and dentist can be established for a quick check up to monitor progress and answer any queries that one might have, whilst the treatment itself is not halted.

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