Escape with a virtual reality experience in London

Due to the uncertain times the world has been going through for the last year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, people are now craving entertainment and new experiences. There is a real desire to get out into venues and bars, as the world opens up more and more, though what this new normal will feel like is anyone’s guess.

One thing has become clear, people are now looking for ways to leave the current situation behind, even if only for a couple of hours. This desire for escapism will lead people down new avenues looking to be entertained.

Navrtar, a virtual reality experience in London, may be one place that can offer people the escapism they are looking for.

A fully immersive entertainment environment

Virtual reality gaming creates an environment where the players can become fully immersed in the gaming environment, the idea is to make the player a part of the game and the action. This is the ultimate in gaming, achieving results that are difficult to replicate on a home gaming console.

The use of devices such as headsets, gloves, guns, and backpacks allow the player or players to become fully engulfed in any game that has been designed to allow VR gameplay. Once inside the game, the player will be able to interact with a 360-degree environment where they can walk around and explore, giving the impression of reality.

Most modern games being offered on the market now allow multiplayer and single player options, making them a great choice for something to do when spending an afternoon with friends and family. Many of the venues hosting this format of entertainment will have a designated playing area for multiplayer gaming. This may need to be booked in advance as some set-up may be needed before your arrival.

What you should expect on arrival at the venue

For many, this may be their first time trying this type of gaming entertainment, it would be useful to understand what they should expect to find when they arrive at a venue. Once you have booked you will need to be offered some orientation, this should be some instruction about the game and equipment being used.

Many VR venues will also offer a demonstration or test game for you to try before your main game play time within your booking, the players are normally allowed to try these two or three times so they can become comfortable with the equipment being used and the concepts of immersive gaming.

When the player or players are comfortable, they can then move onto the main gameplay. The normal length of play is twenty to thirty minutes, depending on factors such as type of game, the venue, and the players booking.

After a completed booking, players should be able to relax with a drink or some food, which can normally be bought from the bar area of the venue.

Finding out more

The popularity of virtual reality gaming is growing in the UK, with more and more people choosing to explore this as an entertainment option. If someone wants to find out more, they should research their local VR venues and give them a call to find out what they offer.

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