How to boost your website on a search engine results page

So, you’ve got yourself a brilliant, shiny, new ‘bells and whistles’ website for your dental practice and you are checking the analysis on how much traffic you’ve had. You have spent a considerable amount of time checking this data – is every 5 seconds hyperbole? – but the numbers don’t increase (except for your ‘just another look’ proud parent views!) With the best website in the world, it will not reap the rewards for your business if you do not have the footfall you need on your digital marketing website. This is why many dental practices are turning to marketing companies to develop a Patient Attraction System that gets prospective patients to successfully find the dental practice’s website and then want to go and visit for treatment. In a fast-developing technological world, finding a successful way to stand out from the crowd can be an important part of a business’s growth and search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing can deliver real results.

What is SEO marketing?

There can be no denying that when people want to look for a product or a service they turn to a search engine for the answers like the proverbial font of all knowledge. To find a website, they type in words that many other users may also type in to find the same thing. These keywords are then employed by a marketing company on a business’s website and social media content to increase the dental practice’s visibility on the search engine’s results pages. As 92% of users don’t go on to the second page of Google’s results pages, getting on to the first page can make all the difference to the traffic on a dental practice’s website. In some cities, practices that get on to Google’s first page of results in searches can see on average over 2,500 visitors on their website per month and on average may then get a conservative number of 5-10 new patients at the practice every month too. Not bad!

An award-winning marketing company that specialises in Dental marketing is Dental Focus and they pride their results in SEO marketing on the fact that they get dental practices to the top of the search engine results organically, not through paid ads. Paid ads can appear pushy and some users will automatically skip past them in search of ‘the best’ that appears at the top of the search results without being paid for with Google to appear first.

What are the benefits of employing an SEO marketing team?

SEO marketing is a specialist field and can be very time-consuming if you attempt to do it yourself, using analytics of web searches and trying to keep your digital content relevant to the keywords that have been used. While we all know that DIY projects can save money, they may not always yield the same results and can cost more in the long run. By having a successful SEO marketing team, you should see an increase in patient numbers, ultimately, giving your practice more money, despite the investment in marketing. Aside from the increased revenue, there are also the benefits of a motivated team; with lots of new patients telephoning for consultations and booking in for treatments, this can have a positive effect on morale and performance. To avoid additional stress and reduce workload and time away from your dental practice, choosing an SEO marketing company could be just the key to the success you need!

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