Is it purely cosmetic? Dental cosmetic procedures that also have health benefits

When it comes to dental care, many people assume that the treatments provided are either cosmetic or non-cosmetic. In other words, you either have a procedure completed that will improve how your teeth look, or the treatment is completed with the aim of improving the function of your teeth.

But, increasingly in modern dental care, it is possible to have a procedure performed that offers both a cosmetic advantage, but also benefits your oral or overall health in some way.

In this article, the most popular cosmetic procedures that are performed are explored, with an emphasis on how they can also improve your general or dental health too. Enjoy!



When you visit a cosmetic dentist Bondi Junction looking for a versatile procedure, veneers are likely to come out at the top of the list.

These porcelain coverings have the cosmetic advantage of being able to whiten your teeth, conceal cracks and chips, correct minor orthodontic issues and help with issues surrounding symmetry.

But veneers have also proven themselves time and time again in relation to protecting teeth against sensitivity; they cover the microscopic holes linked to the causes of sensitivity, thus reducing dental discomfort. They can also be used to strengthen a tooth that has been damaged by injury or weakened by a root canal.

Dental implants

Having dental implants can also benefit your oral and physical health, especially if you have many missing teeth.

Why? Because dental implants prevent plaque accumulation on your teeth and gums, preventing gum disease and also ensuring that none of the plaque gets into your bloodstream. As you know, oral plaque in your bloodstream can cause issues with your cardiovascular system and has also been linked to heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Implants also have the added advantage of stopping a condition known as nocturnal bruxism, which can lead to headaches and migraines.

Invisible aligners and clear braces

In recent years, more adults than ever before have been approaching their dental teams to have clear braces or invisible aligners.

As you may have guessed, these orthodontic tools are used to straighten teeth but their advantages reach far beyond doing that. As straighter teeth equate to easier brushing, wearing an orthodontic piece can help you with better cleaning alongside a reduction in cavities and gum disease.

Also, as mentioned before, if you grind your teeth at night but have no missing teeth, the cause may be an orthodontic misalignment, which usually a clear brace will be able to fix.

White fillings

Porcelain or ceramic fillings create the obvious advantages of restoring a tooth without drawing attention when you laugh or smile.

As they are usually made from either composite or porcelain, they do not expand in the way that amalgam fillings do, which have been reported to cause damage to the surrounding tooth. And without cracks in the tooth caused by material expansion, your filling will last longer and your tooth will not succumb to sensitivity issues or need root canal fittings. Perfect!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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