Need Help with a Legal Matter in Hampshire? A Guide to Choosing the Right Solicitor’s Firm for You

It is hard to avoid, at some point in your adult life, you are going to need someone to provide you with legal advice. Unless you have a family member that is a solicitor, you will be faced with the task of choosing a solicitor who is conveniently located, but who also specialises in the area of law you require.

This can be a tricky process as many solicitors claim that they are able to help in various legal areas, but some lack the correct experience, qualifications and the expertise you may need to resolve your legal issue.

Many solicitors in Portsmouth may also advertise a specific cost for all legal services, which may seem appealing but is often a strategy to lure in clients. Indeed, many probate solicitors offer assistance with inheritance, but may charge extra if there is a complication with the will. You need to ensure that any solicitor you choose is upfront about their fees, confident enough to communicate openly and honestly throughout your legal proceedings, while also being professional.

Typical services offered by solicitors’ firms

It is unusual to encounter a solicitor’s firm that only specialise in one specific area, but it is still worth checking that your chosen firm offers the service you require.

Typically, solicitors in offer a wide range of services and there are specific times when a prospective client may need one or more of them.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been physically or mentally injured due to the negligence of an individual or company, you may be entitled to compensation.


Useful when you are looking to buy or sell a property, conveyancing law involves exchanging contracts and settlements. It also encompasses mortgages and liens.

Family law

A large area of the law is that of family-based law, which includes divorce, separation, child support, child custody, domestic abuse and pre-nuptial agreements. If you are also looking for visitation rights in relation to a child or children, they are able to offer support in this area too.

Wills and probate

Probate is the judicial process whereby a will is proven in a court of law and is therefore accepted as a valid document of the deceased person’s wishes. We also offer a will writing service.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney or letter of attorney is a written authorisation to act on another person’s behalf in private affairs, business or other legal matters. This is also useful if a loved one suffers from a mental disorder and requires somebody to make care decisions on their behalf.

Civil litigation

A civil litigation solicitor will represent you or a loved one in court on non-criminal based issues like property disputes, where the overall aim is resolution and not a prison sentence or a fine.

Medical negligence

This occurs when a medical professional makes mistakes or poor judgements relating to your care and causes either injury to your person or makes an existing medical issue worse.


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