The pros of having a professional control your practice’s online presence

Opening your own practice can be daunting, especially when you are trying to gain new patients and create a presence for yourself online. This can be extremely time consuming and sometimes technical. If you believe that hiring a professional to carry out your dental marketing is going to benefit you then it is simple to get in touch with a professional online. More often than not you are able to fill out a form and specify your goals, so the professional you are hiring will know what you want to achieve before they even begin. Working your way to the top of Google’s results page can take a long time, which is why it is a good idea to hire someone who is experienced and can help you get the results you want as quickly as possible. As well as securing the number one result spot you need to consider different social media platforms that can be used to maximise the number of potential future patients you can reach.


Securing and maintaining a top spot-on Google’s results page

Barely anyone even looks beyond the first page of results that Google provides. Securing a high result ranking is important if you want to maximise the amount of website traffic that your practice’s website is receiving. Doing things like creating and uploading to a professional blog regularly will help to raise and maintain your website’s search engine result ranking, as well as doing things such as implementing keywords into the information on your webpages. Location keywords and appearing on Google Maps will also increase your chances of gaining new patient leads within your local area, and enabling click-to-find features means that your future patients can get directions to your practice from wherever they are without having to exert themselves or try and find an address.


Utilise your social media platforms

As well as having a user friendly website, you need to ensure that your practice has a presence on all of the different social media platforms. This increases your online presence in general and allows you to share things easily, including snippets of your blog or images from your website so that your updates are reaching more people. Unless you have a website newsletter your patients will not really receive notifications directly from your website, but if someone follows you on social media they will be more likely to get notified every time that you post something. Posting regularly to your social media sites will enable your patients to keep up to date with what is going on within your practice as well as showing potential new patients what your practice has to offer them. Being regularly updated and kept in the loop will make your patients feel valued and important which will in turn make them more likely to stay loyal to your practice. Advertising less common treatments that your patients may not know they can benefit from will also increase the amount of people that want to book an appointment for these. Every satisfied patient that you treat is likely to recommend your practice to someone else that they know, or even share your post to their own social media page.

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