What are dental implants?

If a patient has had the misfortune of losing one, some, or all of their teeth then they may be interested in the cutting edge treatment of dental implants Herefordshire. The implants themselves are small posts that are fitted at the jaw and used as a foundation to build a new tooth on top of. The posts are mostly made out of titanium and this is accepted by the body as a natural substance. This encourages the jaw and blood vessels to grow around the new implant. The treatment is frequently used nowadays to replace teeth and many patients have been satisfied with the results that they have achieved though this cutting edge alternative to treatments such as dentures. Patients with a missing tooth or teeth as the case may be, are able to replace them and complete their smile pretty well permanently. Implants are hailed for being stable, durable and comfortable. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be for them, then they should consider reading on to discover more about the process.

Are dental implants painful?

Patients can be assured that they are in capable and well-trained hands when they decide to have the treatment of dental implants.  They will be under local anaesthetic and will be offered extra sedation if needed. Patients are in the most skilled and knowledgeable hands for this procedure and if they are afraid then they can be assured that dentists have experience working with nervous patients. Every effort is made to ensure that they have access to painless and well thought out treatments. Dental practices work in a specific manner to ensure that patients feel at ease, this includes all team members from the receptionist team to the practitioners. The treatment itself can be compared to having a filling, with many finding the insertion of the implant less painful as there are fewer nerve endings in the jawbone. Patients should read on to see if they are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Am I suitable for dental implants?

Patients should work with their dentist to determine whether they are an ideal candidate for this treatment. Patients can be assured that their dentist will work with them to determine how the treatment can be adapted to their current situation regarding the health of their mouth. This means that if a patient does not have sufficient jawbone for the implant to be fitted, the cheekbone can be used instead. They should take advantage of a consultation, as this means that their dentist will be able to best prepare for their treatment. Some patients may require extra help, such as treating gum disease, before the implants can be fitted. They will also be advised on how to best care for their implant once it has been fitted.

Anyone interested in oral implants can have a look at their nearest dental surgery’s website to read more about this treatment as well as the practice as a whole. Patients could also contact the practice to arrange a consultation. Everyone should have access to a treatment that can help them transform their smile for the better and dental implants can certainly make this happen.

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