What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers Kent can be both inserted into the face and lips helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face and around the mouth area. This cosmetic procedure works in the same way as Botox injections, however dermal fillers have an instant effect on facial aesthetics. Dermal fillers contain sterile hyaluronic acid gels that are created from non-animal sources. These fillers also provide lip enhancement and have the ability to shape the contours of the hands and neck.

What does a dermal filler process consist of?

Before the process can take place an anaesthetic cream will be used on the treated area to prevent any discomfort. This will numb the skin to prevent the pain. The dermal filler will then be injected into the area of treatment and will not take long. The effects of the filler will be seen immediately. Depending on the area of choice that is treated, injection technique used and the patient’s skin type, the filler can last for approximately 6-12 months. For a lip filler treatment the effects will last around six months. However, an individual can receive follow-up treatments which can help with the maintenance of the desired look over time.

Aftercare of dermal fillers

The common advice that is usually given after dermal fillers have been injected is the following: avoid the use of makeup, sun exposure, caffeine and alcohol. By avoiding these factors it will help reduce the risk of any potential side effects such as redness and bruising.

What are the potential side effects of dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers can have different side effects on different patients, some may not experience these at all, but it can happen. However the risk of side effects is greatly reduced if the dermal filler is applied appropriately by an experienced practitioner. One serious risk factor that can follow after dermal fillers is an infection or a patient may appear to have a lumpy appearance beneath the skin. This may need to be treated with an invasive surgery or prescribed medicine. However, this will happen in much rarer cases. Sometimes the filler injected can move around and away from the treated area, this may also need to be removed through a surgical procedure. In other cases, a patient may see visible scarring around the treatment area. It is important to speak with a practitioner about the side effects prior to a treatment plan

What are the different dermal fillers that are provided?

There are many areas in which dermal fillers can be placed that can include: lips, cheeks, nasolabial lines, tear trough, marionette lines, jaw and chin and temple. Different brands of dermal filler can be used, but common brands that most practitioners will use are Restylane and Juvederm. These are the most favoured brands among patient users.

Benefits of dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can give the effect of a plump and youthful look which gets rid of signs of ageing. It has also been proven to have benefits to the skin, this is because natural substances are used that are already made of the skin’s natural components. Hyaluronic acid is a substance used in fillers and it is a natural substance created in the skin. Therefore, once the dermal filler is injected the filler will feel natural beneath a patient’s skin.

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