10 do-it-yourself roof repair tips


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it keep you safe and warm, but it prevents draughts and leaks from outside weather conditions. Below, we’ve rounded up ten do-it-yourself roof repair ideas to keep your roof looking its best.


  1. Clean your gutters

Gutters and roofline play a fundamental role in the longevity of your roof and your safety and comfort, but if they’re not maintained, they could cause leaks or damage to property. Take the time to clean out your gutters – it only takes a ladder, a plastic scoop and a hose.


  1. Replace missing tiles

Missing tiles can make your home look untidy and unfinished, and can lead to leaks and damage to your loft. If you have missing tiles, find like-for-like replacements and place them on your roof, nailing in place or using an adhesive.


  1. Remove rotting tiles

If you have wooden tiles or roof cover, then replace with a long-lasting alternative. Exposed timber roof frames or wooden tiles will, understandably, rot away over time, so visit your local DIY store and find slate or concrete roof tiles which are weather-proof and long-lasting.


  1. Patch felt tears

Found a tear in your roof felt? You can fix it by putting a new patch of felt underneath the original tear, using a sealant to keep it in place. No more leaks and no more draughts!


  1. Get your roof insulated

Did you know that around 25% of the heat lost from an un-insulated home goes straight to your roof? Save money and insulate your home. You have two options to consider when insulating. Yiu can create a “warm loft”, where you insulate your property directly under the roof, or you can create a “cold loft” where you insulate above the ceiling of the top storey of your home so that no heat from your home can enter the loft area. Both will save you money in the long-term and keep your home warm and toasty through the winter.

  1. Temporarily replace a roof tile to stop leaks

Not everyone has the skills or time to replace roof tiles, but you can make temporary repairs to stop leaks. Buy a hard-wearing weatherproof tape to cover up cracks or damage, then go online to find “roofing repair companies near me” to get a professional to fix the broken roof tile at their nearest available opportunity. This will save you from expensive emergency call-out fees and will protect your roof and property until a roofing professional is available.


  1. Replace a roof slate

You can replace single roof slates, but you won’t be able to nail it to the batten of your roof, so you’ll have to secure it with a metal strip. You may need to cut through the old roof tile and its nail, especially if it’s old and rusty, so be careful that you don’t break additional tiles.


  1. Check your chimney

The chimney is another part of the roof that’s commonly overlooked, so give your chimney the once-over. Check out this guide from WikiHow on how best to maintain a chimney.


  1. Fix a small leak

The truth is that some roof leaks are easier to locate than others – sometimes the water shows up at the ceiling point directly where the leak took place, which makes it easier to spot. Enter your loft or ceiling and find the source of the leak, and then fix it by covering the hole and plastering over the affected area. Check regularly for further damage, and always seek the help of a professional if you spot cracks of gaping holes in your roof or ceiling.


  1. Replace chimney flashing

If your chimney has flashing, then check its condition and consider replacing it if it’s rusted or damaged. The best idea is to cut through the old flashing into the mortar of your roof, and install new flashing from scratch. Mr Fix It has put together an excellent video on how to replace roof and chimney flashing should you want to do-it-yourself on your roof.

There you have it – ten great do-it-yourself roof repair tips to try out. Remember always to be sensible when working at a height, and seek advice from a professional if you’re unsure you’re following the right procedures. DIY roof repairs can, of course, save you money, but if you make a mistake, you could end up spending thousands on further roof repairs.


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