5 Tips For Opening a Second Location

The New Year is often the time when small businesses finally decide to take the leap and start expanding their business. For many small businesses, this means opening up a new location. This is a very big step for any business, and of course, it requires a lot of preparation. Every small business owner wants to make sure they have done everything to make the launch of their new business location successful.

There are a lot of things a small business owner can do to prepare themselves and their business for this transition. Going through all of the steps will ensure that the new location will get set up within budget and launch successfully on time. Any small business owner can use these ideas to make sure that their business does as well as possible in the New Year. Here are five tips for opening a second business location for small businesses.

Choose the right time

Planning the right time for a second location depends on a lot of different factors for a small business. Is the first location being successful? Is the first location easily run and operated with minimal issues? Are the customers demanding a new location or a better location in a different area? The answers to these questions can help small business owners know when the right time for their second location would be.

Pick a great location

The location of the second storefront is very important. Small business owners want to focus first on filling all the gaps the first location might have. For example, a small business could open a second location in an area closer to main highways for easier access. Business owners should also consider the walkability and storefront view of their new location.

Protect the space

Protection of the new space is very important, especially for the few months after it first opens. A new store front is a target for many criminals because of all the new equipment. Small business owners should use Home Security Systems to protect their new building and everything inside it at all times.

Find the right staff to put in charge

Because a small business owner can only be in one place at a time, they will need to hand over the control of the second or first location to someone else. This is a crucial step to ensuring the success of both locations small business owners need to choose people who will be able to responsibly fulfill the mission of the business even without supervision.

Automate everyday tasks

A second location doesn’t mean there will be a second version of you to pull double duty, its important to streamline tasks and to automate as much as possible to save yourself time and become more efficient.  From hiring an office cleaning company, to streamlining your business with an operations manual, make sure you are setup to run a second office without doubling your time and energy.

Give it time

Just like the first business location, the second location will take some time to be finished and functioning effectively. Many small business owners think that the second location should be up and running quickly and easily, but in some cases it can take just as long to launch the second location as it did for the first. Small business owners should be patient and let the process happen as it needs too.


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Remember, you are well-advised never to count on your existing location for any funding; rather, consider the new location a separate business venture. For example, you may be able to grow your business by building a Web site, eliminating the need for considerable funding and the risk associated with opening a physical store.

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