Top 5 Reasons Why Your Employees are Unhappy

Many people agree that they don’t like their jobs. It is an unfortunate common occurrence that many employees are unhappy with their current position. Of course, there can be a vast and unknown amount of reasons why a person may not like his or her job, but maybe there are some things that you as an employer can do to make your employees feel a little better about their jobs.

Your job as an employer is not to keep your employees happy, but keeping moral high with your employees is important. You want everyone to perform at their highest level, so you need to keep them in the best mood possible so that they can continue to do that. Here are some of the top reasons why your employees are unhappy, and how to can fix it.

The office is out of date

It may seem like an unrelated item, but the space that people work in can affect their outlook on their jobs as a whole. If you continually refuse to give your employees the new chairs they have been asking for, turn up the heat in the winter, or replace the leaking coffee maker in the break room, they will get upset. Reconsider the design of your office and check Columbia Gas rates for less expensive gas prices, so you can turn up the heat when your employees ask for it.

There is no positive feedback

You understand the need to give your employees instruction when they make a mistake or otherwise do something that is against company policy, but you may commonly forget that your employees need to also be praised when they are helping the company succeed. Recognize good work and promote it throughout the office. This will not only help your employees feel better about their jobs, but they will work harder to get the same recognition.

There is no room for advancement

Especially in smaller businesses, creating opportunity for advancement can be difficult, which can be frustrating for employees. Make sure that you promote from within your business as much as possible. You can also showcase the potential growth of the company to reassure employees.

They are not being challenged enough

Your job as the boss may be extremely difficult, but your employees might feel otherwise about their jobs. Check for employees who seem like they are not working as hard as they could be, or even employees that seem distracted. Give them extra tasks and see if that fixes the problem.

They are not being paid enough

We all want to make more money. This is the most difficult issue to fix. As a business owner, you have to work within a budget and you cannot give raises whenever you want to boost employee morale. You should, however, reward good work. Maybe give out bonuses to employees who are doing well instead of raises. Give raises based on performance so that employees are encouraged to work harder.



Creating a Better Waiting Room

The waiting room seems to be the most dreaded place in any office building. People just want to get in, get out and get on with their lives, but they are forced to sit and wait in a boring, lifeless room. Your customers don’t need to feel this way when sitting in your waiting room. Your waiting room should be a place where your customers feel relaxed, entertained and at ease, not stressed and bored.

Of course, the design of your waiting room is probably one of the last concerns on your mind. However, having a better waiting room could extremely improve your customers’ overall experience and lead to better word of mouth advertising. Here are some ways that you can create a better waiting room for your customers.

Let in more natural light

Natural sunlight makes everyone feel better and puts people in a better mood, no matter what has happened to them throughout the day. Letting more natural light into your waiting room will lift the moods of everyone in your office, and as an added bonus, you will spend less money on lighting. Open the curtains or consider sheer curtains for a little privacy without blocking those wonderful rays.

Give your customers some new entertainment

It’s great to have some magazines available, but that is simply not enough stimulation for the average person today. It might be a good idea to invest in some technology for your waiting room to keep everyone entertained and happy while they wait. Get a TV wired with so your customers can watch their favorite shows. Maybe even get some tablets with popular games and other apps on them to keep any type of customer entertained.

Don’t forget about the kids

The thing even more difficult than entertaining adults is keeping the kids happy. The parents and kids alike will be glad that you have some options to entertain kids in your waiting room. Think about creating a kids station that they can play in separate from other parts of the office. That way they can play without distracting other people in the waiting room and office. Give them toys and games that kids of every age can be amused with.

Make it feel like home

Just because this is your workplace, that does not mean that it needs to be boring and without personality. Decorate the waiting room just as you would for your own home. Bring in relaxing colors like blue and green to keep customers calm. You can even include more comfortable seating like couches if your budget permits. Hang pictures of you and your family to give customers a small peak into the life of the person they will be meeting. This will make all your customers feel more relaxed and at home while they sit in your waiting room.


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Business Money

7 Financial Steps to Take in your 30s for a Better Retirement

Everyone wants to have the luxury of retiring when they are ready and enjoying life after retirement comfortably. This means that everyone will need to plan for their retirement so they can be financially stable enough to enjoy themselves and avoid debt.

There are a lot of things people neglect to do earlier in life that can actually make the future so much better. Everyone should begin planning for their retirement early on to save themselves a lot of headaches. Here are seven financial steps to take in your 30s for a better retirement.

Invest in a home

Property is a good investment at this age for a number of reasons. Not only can property be a valuable asset for other investments and sources of income today, but it can also be an important asset to have in the future. Many people will even make money from their homes if they know the requirements for a reverse mortgage.

Find a competitive employer

This is the age when most people are really starting to find their place in the work force. Many will have found a job already, but it is important to have a career that is more than just a paycheck. Look for competitive employers who offer good 401k options.

Learn how to utilize stocks

Stocks are a great way for anyone to invest and build their wealth at any age. Stocks are great because people can invest the amounts they want and get as much or as little reward as they want from it. Learn how to use stocks to build savings for retirement.

Work with a budget every day

Budgeting is often something people will do periodically throughout life, but will not be consistent with. It is essential for everyone to use their budget every single day to ensure they are always making the best financial decisions.

Keep an emergency savings account

An emergency savings account may seem excessive for many people, but it is always a good idea to have enough money to live off for at least a couple of months on hand. In case of emergency, people can use this money instead of pulling money from retirement accounts. This will allow savings to accrue and people to still make it through financial emergencies without creating debt.

Cut back on unnecessary splurges

When a person is young and finally finding financial stability, it is easy to want to splurge on some fun items and enjoy their money for the first time. Though this is alright from time to time, it is important to keep these kinds of purchases to a minimum in order to get the most reward from every penny earned.

Create a personal retirement account

In addition to a 401k, it is also a good idea for everyone to set up their own personal retirement account. This only doubles the amount of savings people will have later on and helps them create a system that will ensure financial security in the future.



5 Tips For Opening a Second Location

The New Year is often the time when small businesses finally decide to take the leap and start expanding their business. For many small businesses, this means opening up a new location. This is a very big step for any business, and of course, it requires a lot of preparation. Every small business owner wants to make sure they have done everything to make the launch of their new business location successful.

There are a lot of things a small business owner can do to prepare themselves and their business for this transition. Going through all of the steps will ensure that the new location will get set up within budget and launch successfully on time. Any small business owner can use these ideas to make sure that their business does as well as possible in the New Year. Here are five tips for opening a second business location for small businesses.

Choose the right time

Planning the right time for a second location depends on a lot of different factors for a small business. Is the first location being successful? Is the first location easily run and operated with minimal issues? Are the customers demanding a new location or a better location in a different area? The answers to these questions can help small business owners know when the right time for their second location would be.

Pick a great location

The location of the second storefront is very important. Small business owners want to focus first on filling all the gaps the first location might have. For example, a small business could open a second location in an area closer to main highways for easier access. Business owners should also consider the walkability and storefront view of their new location.

Protect the space

Protection of the new space is very important, especially for the few months after it first opens. A new store front is a target for many criminals because of all the new equipment. Small business owners should use Home Security Systems to protect their new building and everything inside it at all times.

Find the right staff to put in charge

Because a small business owner can only be in one place at a time, they will need to hand over the control of the second or first location to someone else. This is a crucial step to ensuring the success of both locations small business owners need to choose people who will be able to responsibly fulfill the mission of the business even without supervision.

Automate everyday tasks

A second location doesn’t mean there will be a second version of you to pull double duty, its important to streamline tasks and to automate as much as possible to save yourself time and become more efficient.  From hiring an office cleaning company, to streamlining your business with an operations manual, make sure you are setup to run a second office without doubling your time and energy.

Give it time

Just like the first business location, the second location will take some time to be finished and functioning effectively. Many small business owners think that the second location should be up and running quickly and easily, but in some cases it can take just as long to launch the second location as it did for the first. Small business owners should be patient and let the process happen as it needs too.



6 Tips for Protecting a New Small Business

Building a new small business from the ground up is no small task for anyone to take on. However, a lot of people are still attempting to create their own business to reap the rewards of being a business owner and entrepreneur.

One of the most common issues that causes new businesses to fail today is theft or leaked business information. This is a growing issue that is a lot easier to prevent than people usually prepare for. By taking a few precautions, everyone can keep their company’s information safe. Here are six tips for protecting a new small business.

Use a top of the line security system

The first defense for any business location is a good security system. Have the best security system installed right away to protect every item inside the office space and all the information housed inside of it. Many business owners will look at ADT Prices to make sure they are getting the best deal for their new business.

Teach everyone in the business the best security measures

It is important for not only the business owner to know the best ways to keep the business safe, but also for every other employee to know those same methods. Employee error is one of the most common causes of security concerns in a small business. It is important to train everyone to make sure they know how to keep information safe and are aware when a security measure is broken.

Do thorough background checks of every new employee

When building a new business, it is essential to get great employees to aid in growth right away. Though it may seem difficult to find quality people to work with, going through the necessary measures to find them is always worth the extra effort. Doo thorough background checks of each new employee to make sure they will protect the company.

Remember financial data security as well

Financial information is just as important to protect as any other piece of business information. However, it can be a little more difficult to ensure that a business’s financial information is safe when it is controlled by another institution. Start by only allowing access to select individuals and keeping passwords locked away.

Stay on top of software updates

Software updates may not always seem necessary, especially to a new business owner. Even though they can be an annoyance, these updates are often necessary to continue protecting the security of the small business. Keep everything up to date, especially malware, to always have the best protection.

Use encryption for the most important files

For the most sensitive information that the business has, like codes or passwords, encryption might be the best option. This allows owners to save information they need on their servers without it being visible to anyone outside the network. This also helps to make theft and fraud more visible so it can be caught quickly before too much damage is done.