Creating a Better Waiting Room

The waiting room seems to be the most dreaded place in any office building. People just want to get in, get out and get on with their lives, but they are forced to sit and wait in a boring, lifeless room. Your customers don’t need to feel this way when sitting in your waiting room. Your waiting room should be a place where your customers feel relaxed, entertained and at ease, not stressed and bored.

Of course, the design of your waiting room is probably one of the last concerns on your mind. However, having a better waiting room could extremely improve your customers’ overall experience and lead to better word of mouth advertising. Here are some ways that you can create a better waiting room for your customers.

Let in more natural light

Natural sunlight makes everyone feel better and puts people in a better mood, no matter what has happened to them throughout the day. Letting more natural light into your waiting room will lift the moods of everyone in your office, and as an added bonus, you will spend less money on lighting. Open the curtains or consider sheer curtains for a little privacy without blocking those wonderful rays.

Give your customers some new entertainment

It’s great to have some magazines available, but that is simply not enough stimulation for the average person today. It might be a good idea to invest in some technology for your waiting room to keep everyone entertained and happy while they wait. Get a TV wired with so your customers can watch their favorite shows. Maybe even get some tablets with popular games and other apps on them to keep any type of customer entertained.

Don’t forget about the kids

The thing even more difficult than entertaining adults is keeping the kids happy. The parents and kids alike will be glad that you have some options to entertain kids in your waiting room. Think about creating a kids station that they can play in separate from other parts of the office. That way they can play without distracting other people in the waiting room and office. Give them toys and games that kids of every age can be amused with.

Make it feel like home

Just because this is your workplace, that does not mean that it needs to be boring and without personality. Decorate the waiting room just as you would for your own home. Bring in relaxing colors like blue and green to keep customers calm. You can even include more comfortable seating like couches if your budget permits. Hang pictures of you and your family to give customers a small peak into the life of the person they will be meeting. This will make all your customers feel more relaxed and at home while they sit in your waiting room.


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