Can you really afford not to show off a winning smile?

Smiling is increasingly being considered the new must-have social currency. Researchers have turned their attention towards the smile and its relation to mood (self and others). The theory that the smile improves mood receives support from an analysis published in the Psychological Bulletin in which a substantial pool of over 100 studies were carefully considered that looked at the influential effect between facial expression and mood. A strong connection was found between happier people and smiling. Such findings have raised the importance of a winning smile in social transactions and have drawn attention to dental implants in Bromley as a viable restorative option to missing teeth in the dental arch. Dental prosthetics like tooth replacement implants are a safe and a fixed alternative for patients who would prefer not to wear dentures or bridges.

The real life benefits of smiling on quality of life

Prompts the brain to release anti-stress endorphins

Breaking into a smile triggers the release in the brain of endorphins and other chemicals that are known to help fight off stress. These types of chemicals or neurotransmitters offer various functions like pain relief or act as an antidepressant.

Lucrative working relationships can be created

To some extent it can be said that there is economic value in a genuine smile, in that it can influence people in a business context such as in closing a deal, encouraging people to buy more in sales presentations and fostering more productive and positive working relationships in team-based environments.

Build stronger supportive relationships and social networks

Smiling is associated with friendlier people and it is far easier and enjoyable to interact with friendlier people. Such interactions are also useful in developing stronger connections with others. Longevity and life-sustaining health are upheld by these support networks.

Trigger a better mood

For many people, a quick way to bring about a more positive mood is to smile. Seen in this light, smiling is a gift to the self, as valuable as it appears to others. A conscious effort to smile can signal good feeling messages that encourage a better feeling day.

Slow down the heart rate

A racing heart rate and elevated blood pressure does not spell good news for longevity. A good laugh, usually preceded by smiling, is known in many instances to have a positive lowering effect on both blood pressure and heart rate.

Increase body’s immunity

In addition to keeping cardiovascular health happy, smiling also benefits the immune system. An offshoot of laughter is the release of compounds in the body that help to fight illnesses.

 Improves the pain threshold

Patients may find that social laughter can help them cope better with pain rather than having to deal with undesirable effects of pain-relief medication.

There is also the downside to not smiling to consider too. When smiles are not reciprocated, this can lead to a breakdown or interruption in conversation. Let qualified and well-experienced dental practitioners help you make the most of your smile. Dentists cover a wide range of commonly sought-after treatments, procedures and services including quality dental implants.


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