Could your smile be enhanced through Invisalign in Bedford?

Fear no more

From time to time, we all feel self-conscious about the way our smiles look. For most of us, this is a fleeting feeling which is easily amended by simply smiling on through it and perhaps increasing our brushing habits or improving our diet. For others however, it is not as simple as that. For those who have teeth which are noticeably misaligned or crooked, day to day life can be a challenge and smiling through it simply isn’t an option. Having crooked teeth often changes the way that other people treat you, and can have a detrimental effect on your oral health as well as mentally. For those who feel this way however, there is a solution which can allow them to restore their smiles and alter the way they are perceived permanently, by seeking out Invisalign in Bedford.


What is Invisalign?

Many of those who have crooked teeth, and have had so for a considerable amount of time, feel that they have no treatment options available to them, – short of further sacrificing the way they are viewed by others by opting for traditional braces. In truth however, there are a number of discreet cosmetic dentistry procedures which can be opted for by adults of any age. One such treatment is Invisalign. This is a relatively new alternative form of orthodontics which aligns a patient’s teeth, without altering the way they look whilst undergoing treatment. This is achieved by replacing traditional methods of alignment which utilise fused brackets and largely noticeable connecting wires, with an entirely transparent, removable plastic retainer.


How does it work?

Each installation of the Invisalign retainer method of orthodontics is a completely unique undertaking. This is because each retainer is custom made to fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth. Prior to the construction of a patient’s Invisalign retainer, a digital (or physical) mould will be made of the interior of their mouth, to allow for a perfectly tailored retainer set to be made. Each retainer is made from a specially chosen, patented plastic known as SmartTrack, and is both flexible enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to align their teeth over the course of treatment. Within the interior of each bespoke retainer are specifically placed, built in pressure points moulded into the structure of the aligner. These pressure points slowly move the patient’s teeth into their appropriate alignment, which would be agreed and discussed in length before the patient begins Invisalign treatment, so they know what to expect and the end-result before they begin the treatment.


What are the advantages?

There are numerous advantages to the Invisalign aligner system over conventional, traditional means of aligning your teeth – from comfort to duration of treatment. However, one of the main attractions to this form of orthodontics is the hidden nature of the process. As each aligner is constructed form a transparent plastic, which is custom built to be a perfect fit over their teeth, when it is worn, it is almost entirely invisible. As such, adults who wish to achieve a straighter smile can do so without any unwanted scrutiny. Another clear advantage to this orthodontic option is that the aligner can be taken off at the discretion of the patient. Whilst conventional braces and orthodontics are typically fixed in place throughout treatment, the Invisalign brace can be removed whenever the patient wishes to have it so, such as when eating or posing for photographs. Thus, it affords them far greater freedom, as well as providing them with a straighter smile.

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