Implants Can Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to missing teeth, many people are left feeling disheartened and think there is nothing that they can do. Losing your teeth can be traumatic however it happens, and many people will suffer with gaps for years.

At High Dental Implants Melbourne in Melbourne they understand what it is like for people to feel downtrodden due to their lack of teeth and inability to smile. There are several treatments now available to help get you smiling again. Whether it is one tooth or several, make a consultation appointment with your dental practitioner and tell them that you want to get your confidence back. They will go through all the treatment options that are available to you and clear up any issues you may have.

Are you missing teeth?

Teeth can fall out for all sorts of reasons. Sporting accidents where a tooth has been knocked out are very common, and if this happens to you then you should seek immediate dental attention, in case they are able to save your tooth. If they cannot save it, then you may want to think about having a crown implanted to complete your smile once again.

If you have several teeth missing that are next to each other, then a partial denture attached to tooth implants could help you feel like you have your original teeth back. Having the dentures attached to the implant, a small screw that has been inserted into your jaw, means that they cannot be removed and will not come loose.

With implants you can replace an entire set of teeth. Full dentures are available, and whilst you need one implant for one crown, you will not need one implant for every tooth if you are having full dentures fitted. Your practitioner will go through your options with you and make sure you are having the treatment that suits you the most.

Feel like you again

Having no teeth or several gaps can impact your overall general health, as well as your work and social life. Most people smile when first meeting someone, and not smiling could start to make you feel isolated from the rest of your friends and work colleagues quickly. If you are eating lunch in the staffroom, then you want to be able to chat and have conversations, not sit there trying to hide your mouth as you chew on a sandwich.

Photographs are an important part of society today for most families and friends. They document social situations with photos. Progress of children growing into adults, family photos at weddings and social events, or funny moments. If you refuse to be in photographs because you cannot smile, then you may end up not being a part of the memories. Feeling included in these things is important, as it gives you a sense of identity.

Dental implants can benefit you in all these situations. Completely natural looking and made to feel like your original teeth, you will be chatting and eating with everyone, feeling confident in no time. Smiling will no longer be something that you dread or try to hide, you will be proudly smiling alongside your family in their photographs.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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