A range of available treatments

By choosing a Glasgow dentist West End, patients can rest assured knowing that they are connecting with professionals who take pride in what they can offer their patients.

Quality over quantity is what can be expected here, where a patient’s oral health care provider will always take the time that is needed for every one of their patients to fully understand their dental condition, and what can be done about it.

Only when both dentist and patient are understanding each other can appropriate steps be made towards a healthier mouth. A dentist needs to understand the lifestyle, the commitments, the limitations and the oral health goals of their patient so that they can meet their needs accurately.

A patient needs to understand the exact condition their mouth is in so that they can align their oral health goals with that of their oral health care professional so that they can work towards the same positive smile.

There are many different treatments that a professional can offer their patients and they will fall under at least one of the three fields of dentistry that is available. Preventive dental health care focuses on maintaining the health of teeth and gums and avoiding cavities, disease, plaque and bad breath.

A hygienist is essential in this role and a patient should always work with both a  dentist and a hygienist in order to maintain good oral health. A hygienist will clean teeth with specialised tools designed to remove plaque and tartar, the culprits that erode enamel and cause cavities. This plaque is also unsightly and the build-up of bacteria from where it begins can harbour bad breath.

Restorative treatments, as the name suggests, are all about restoring the health of a damaged tooth.  As there is a primary focus on preventive dentistry these days, the need for restorative treatments should hopefully lessen over the years.

Many people do not visit the dentist as often as they should and therefore it is still necessary to fill in cavities, remove damaged pulp and infection during a root canal, or protect cracked or broken teeth that have been injured during an accident.

What else can be done about a person’s smile?

The final field of dentistry focuses on the cosmetic aspect of a person’s smile. This is not only about having an aesthetically pleasing smile, it is also beneficial for the health and functionality of teeth and gums as well.

Teeth straightening is often seen as cosmetic, as are dental implants which is the process of replacing missing teeth in a long term way.

Even restorative treatments such as fillings can be deemed as cosmetic should the patient wish to have a white filling as opposed to a more visible metal.

Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can offer patients more confidence regarding how their smile looks, and with improvements in technology such treatments are more effective than ever before.

By speaking with a dentist about the range of solutions that are available, patients can work through many different options that can perfect their smile and keep it healthy and functional for life.

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