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Reasons to seek out treatment

In the past, dentistry was a responsive discipline – in that patients would only seek out the treatment they required when it became apparent that they needed it, such as only going to their dentist when they experienced toothache or swelling.  Nowadays however, it is far more than that.  A modern dental clinic in W1 provides its patients with far more than just responsive dental care.  It allows them to completely reshape and redesign their smiles to suit their needs and offers not only preventive and structural dental solutions, but also cosmetic options which give patients the power to address a great many superficial concerns or problems they may have with the aesthetics of their smiles, and – in turn – vastly boost their self-confidence.

Cosmetic orthodontics

Some of the most popular forms of dentistry today, are those which are classed as ‘cosmetic’ solutions.  This is a discipline of dentistry which covers an expanse of different procedures and methodologies – all of which, fundamentally, aim to boost the overall aesthetics of the patient’s smile and boost their self-confidence.  One of the most widely requested forms of cosmetic dentistry is discrete orthodontic aligners, such as Invisalign. Whereas typical orthodontics would not be classified as ‘cosmetic’ dentistry, Invisalign and other removable retainer methods are so, due to the discrete nature of the procedure. Whilst conventional methods of orthodontic realignment, such as traditional braces, are effective in achieving a straighter smile, they are often negatively received by patients – largely because of the impact that they have on the way the patient looks during treatment.  Invisalign however, acts in an altogether different method, by swapping traditional fused metal brackets or wires with a removable plastic retainer.  This retainer gradually moves the patient’s teeth into their desired place, through the use of built-in, specifically targeted pressure points within the retainer.  Each instance of this method of cosmetic alignment is an entirely unique undertaking, as each set of transparent plastic retainers are custom built to perfectly fit over each patient’s unique dental shape.  As such, when they are worn they become practically invisible – which may rationalise the procedures increasing popularity amongst teenagers and young adults, who may want to have straighter teeth, but not want to alert others to their doing so.

White fillings

Another, increasingly sought-after form of cosmetic orthodontics which helps patients regain control over how their smiles look, is white filling.  Dental fillings are used in cases where a patient’s tooth is infected or decayed to some degree, and needs to be cleaned out and refilled with a filling agent.  They are a relatively common procedure which adult patients typically have to receive at some point or other in their lives.  NHS funded, traditional fillings are known as metal amalgam fillings, and are made from a combination of mercury, tin, copper and silver.  Whilst these are effective in their duties, they are often clearly noticeable within the mouths of patients, and can often result in their surrounding teeth turning a greyish colour.  White fillings, or ‘composite’ fillings are made from a specialised white filling agent that is colour-matched to the patients surrounding teeth.  As such, it is almost completely undetectable within their mouths which allows them to have fillings put in place that are not noticeable to the untrained eye.

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