Three steps to straight teeth

It can’t get any simpler for people to enjoy healthier and straighter teeth these days, thanks to Clear Braces Direct in London. This treatment system takes advantage of the unique and innovative software that is used to determine how an individual’s teeth should be straightened in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Trays are then built to be worn over the teeth and gently guide teeth into their correct position over time by pushing them in the right way. Because of the digital precision of this style of treatment, it is fast and effective, delivering results to millions of happy individuals worldwide.

Dentists understand that their patients are looking for fast results with minimal effort and they have been able to deliver with this treatment. So by following these three steps, patients can undertake a journey like no other. They can straighten their teeth in the comfort of their own home quickly and effectively.


There are a few things to keep in mind

Just as with any treatment, there are a few considerations that need to be thought about before committing to this journey. It is a commitment, even though the process is smooth and easy. This means that people do need to wear their aligners as they have been directed, which is usually for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours each day for at least 2 weeks, before moving on to the next stage.

This gives the ligaments time to move and adjust to their next position before being forced into a new one. Anything less than this and people may find that their teeth quickly snap back into their old position, rendering their time and money a waste, as their teeth are simply not ready to be aligned correctly.

They also need to maintain appropriate levels of oral hygiene to keep their teeth healthy. Trays over the teeth for extended periods of time mean that there is no saliva or water to wash away any food debris that has been left on them after eating. Bad bacteria can build up and this can result in bad breath and the presence of cavity-causing plaque and tartar.

Having to brush one’s teeth after eating every time does mean that a lot of people tend to change their eating habits. To be able to wear the aligners as recommended, snacking is not very viable, unless one is very motivated. A healthier step in the right direction, people often drink more water to satisfy that need, however it can be difficult in the early days to give up those bad habits.

The three step programme begins with a free scan and a consultation so that patients can understand everything they need to know about straightening their teeth from home. Results of the scan are sent directly to their door and if they agree with the programme, then the aligners are boxed and ready to go.

After the treatment is finished, a retainer needs to be purchased, which is like a normal tray, but is designed to be worn for a greater length of time albeit less frequently, This keeps the teeth in place so that the new smile can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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