The two sides to cosmetic dental treatments patients should consider

Adult orthodontics has gained much attention recently which is largely attributed to the availability of specially designed teeth-correcting aligner trays. Dental practitioners have seen a surge in the number of patients looking to improve the look of their smiles – 75 per cent of dentists report an interest of adult patients in orthodontic treatments in the UK according to a study initiated by the British Orthodontic Society.

Cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to addressing concerns that deal with facial structures and features. It is common for patients to mainly concern themselves with their smiles – how their teeth look; whether they are straight or crooked, or bright or dull, but facial aesthetics should also factor in facial structures, such as the chin and cheeks. Sunken cheeks, for example, can promote an aged look prematurely.

While orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign in St. Albans are incredibly successful in straightening teeth alignment concerns, they also play a highly influential role in preserving dental health. Dental health is, by and large, upheld by stringent oral hygiene practices. One of the challenges commonly experienced by patients with misaligned or crooked teeth is the difficulties in brushing and flossing.  By simply straightening them, patients can make their efforts at brushing easier and much more effective.

The role of orthodontics in enhancing quality of life

  1. Career prospects given a helping hand

With so much focus on appearances, it can be argued that attractiveness is quite easily an indispensable commodity used to further one’s career prospects and success. Without an attractive smile, a person may not feel confident enough to embrace opportunities for fear of how they look to others.

  1. Boost in confidence in social situations

A healthy smile is a conduit for self-confidence that is necessary for engaging with others in positive ways and building relationships.

  1. Relief from discomfort

One of the problems with teeth alignment issues is that it can lead to patients experiencing headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms when attempting to chew. Orthodontic treatments in such cases can be used to bring relief from dental issues concerning the jaw area.

  1. Better support for gum health

Patients often discount the important role gums have in complete dental health. Many are aware of the dire consequences of their teeth falling out, but not many take preventive measures to secure gum health.  Gums hold teeth in position and if teeth are a challenge to clean then this heightens the risk of gums being vulnerable to bacterial growth, resulting in gum disease. Orthodontic treatments can help gums protect teeth stability better

  1. Improved digestion

The breakdown of nutrients in the digestive process begins with the proper chewing of food. For this process to take place properly, a patient must be able to chew correctly. Ensuring that teeth are aligned as they should be is the first requirement.

Aesthetic concerns may be the primary focus of orthodontic treatments, but they do play an equally important role in ensuring dental health. It is worth taking the time to consult with an experienced dental practitioner as to what orthodontic treatments are suitable for a patient with concerns about keeping their teeth clean.

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